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2nd Edition

Narrative Therapy

$91.77  Softcover

Martin Payne

  • Narrative Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
    This book offers a clear, concise overview of the narrative approach without oversimplifying its theoretical underpinnings and practice

224 pages
ISBN: 9781412920131

Narrative Therapy: An Introduction for Counsellors, Second Edition, offers a clear and concise overview of this way of working without oversimplifying its theoretical underpinnings and practices.

Narrative therapy places peoples' accounts of their lives and relationships at the heart of the therapeutic process. Its main premise is that the telling and re-telling of experience by means of guided questioning can facilitate changed, more realistic perspectives, and open up possibilities for the person seeking assistance to position him- or herself more helpfully in relation to the issues brought to therapy.

Drawing on the ideas of Michael White and David Epston, this fully revised, extended and updated second edition incorporates recent developments in narrative theory and practice, and introduces developments initiated by other narrative therapists worldwide. New material has been added around counselling for post-traumatic reactions, couples conflict and a sense of personal failure.

The book is illustrated with extensive examples of practice with individuals and couples. It is ideal for anyone on training courses in narrative therapy, and also for counsellors who wish to consider common ground between narrative ideas and their current approach.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John McLeod

An Overview of Narrative Therapy

Ideas Informing Narrative Therapy

Assisting the Person to Describe the Problem

Encouraging a Wider Perspective on the Problem

Asking Questions

Therapeutic Documents

Telling and Re-Telling

Examples of Narrative Practice I: Counselling for Depression, and for Recovery from Abuse

A Fresh Look at Assumptions in the Therapy Culture

Examples of Narrative Practice II: Counselling for Post-Traumatic Reactions, and in Working with Couples

Appendix: An Exercise in Co-Supervision Using Narrative Therapy Practices

"Narrative techniques are an essential part of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapist's repertoire and represent part of the 'Third Wave' of psychotherapy development. This book provides a sound introduction to the narrative approach to therapy and is particularly good at covering the philosophical context of the approach. At the same time it provides working examples of the techniques in clinical practice."
- Mr Stephen Williams, School of Health Studies, Bradford University

"What an excellent introduction to Narrative Therapy. Clear and engaging."
- Mr Keith Walmsley-Smith, Psychology & Mental Health, Staffordshire University