Middle School Confidential Series: set of 3 books

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Annie Fox

Middle School Confidential Series

Age Range: 11 to 14

In the middle school years, everything can be complicated. The Middle School Confidential series follows six characters; Jack, Jen, Mateo, Abby, Chris, and Michelle; as they forge friendships, adjust to changing family dynamics, and navigate the social scene. Featuring a blend of fiction and practical advice, these books provide the answers tweens and teens need in a fun and engaging graphic-novel format, that will draw in even reluctant readers. Illustrated character narratives are accompanied by quizzes, quotes from real kids, tips, tools, and resources.

The three books in the series are:

  • Be Confident in Who You Are
  • Real Friends vs. the Other Kind
  • What's Up With My Family?

If you are not sure how to use the books in the Middle School Confidential series in your classroom, counselling, or after-school setting; then you can download A Leader’s Guide to the Middle School Confidential Series for discussion questions and activities you can use to promote discussion on important tween and teen topics.

Middle School Confidential Series
set of 3 books
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Be Confident in Who You Are
Middle School Confidential, Book 1
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Real Friends vs. the Other Kind
Middle School Confidential, Bk 2
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What's Up With My Family?
Middle School Confidential, Book 3
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