Making Sense of Children's Thinking and Behavior: A Step-by-Step Tool for Understanding Children with NLD, Asperger's, etc.

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Leslie Holzhauser-Peters, Leslie True

Making Sense of Children's Thinking and Behavior
176 pages
ISBN: 9781843108887

Offers parents and professionals a tool for understanding children with neurological differences. These children have an atypical view of the world, unique to their particular disability, which can make their behaviour confusing and at times challenging. Each child therefore requires individualized accommodations in understanding and responding to them.

The Systematic Tool for Analysing Thinking (STAT) offers such a system. It provides a step-by-step method for forming a hypothesis about a child's behaviour, by laying bare the thinking behind it. It then suggests appropriate ways of responding, in order to try and both explain and eventually remedy the difficult behaviour.

This book will be invaluable for parents and professionals working with children with NLD, Asperger's, HFA, PDD-NOS, and other Neurological Differences.