MAD: How to Deal with Your Anger

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James J Crist


ISBN: 9781575422671

Everyone gets angry sometimes. Feeling mad is a normal human emotion. But some teens go too far and get into trouble with their parents, their school, or the law. Their anger controls them and affects their lives in negative, sometimes long-lasting ways.

This practical, supportive book helps teens understand and handle their anger. They learn whether they have an anger problem, why we get angry, and how anger affects our bodies and relationships. Practical tools and strategies help them control their anger and avoid poor decisions and actions; insights from real teens let them know they’re not alone.

The final chapters explore mental health problems that can complicate anger management and the role of counseling and psychotherapy. Includes resources.

"I absolutely love your book, MAD: How to Deal with Your Anger and Get Respect. I am an emotional support teacher and I just started using your book this school year. I have one particular group of students in the 7th and 8th graders who are particularly angry at everyone for everything! The book has been very insightful so far and I know that it will continue to be throughout the year."
- Jessica Dobson, Emotional and Behavioral Supports, Ligonier Valley School District

"We did the Expressing Anger: Healthy Ways vs. Not-So-Healthy Ways reading and many ofthe students opened up about how they deal with anger. The more intriguing topic was Swearing and Saying Mean Things, which was a very real topic for them and we were able to talk about it as adults."
- Stefanie Cervantes Moore, Service Learning Assistant Coordinator, Floresville High School, Floresville, Texas