Look, Listen, & Infer Fun Deck:

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Clint Johnson, Erin Riojas

  • Look, Listen, & Infer Fun Deck

56 pages
Age Range: 6+
ISBN: 9781607230830

The Look, Listen & Infer Fun Deck helps students determine the "true" meanings of messages and can improve critical thinking, auditory comprehension, and inferencing. Many times people do not communicate a complete message. They assume their listeners are also interpreting important visual information. This 56-card illustrated Fun Deck teaches students to infer the meaning of a message by listening to a statement or question and also looking at the picture for important visual cues.

One side of the card shows a colourful illustration of the scene. The other side presents the scene and asks, "What should you do next?" followed by three possible answer choices. This side also has a small version of the illustration.

Includes game ideas, all in a sturdy tin.