Listening & Remembering Specific Details

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Jean Gilliam DeGaetano

  • Listening & Remembering Specific Details

60 pages
Age Range: 4 to 7
ISBN: 9781866143371

The goals for the activities in this book are to listen to short stories, to retain the important details in the stories, and to be able to accurately answer questions about the stories.

30 activity lessons with a corresponding instructor's manual for each lesson. Each lesson has two stories that are to be read aloud to the students. For the first story, the large picture provides visual clues for remembering specific details in that story. Before reading the story aloud, the students will be told three things to remember while the story is being read. After the story has been read, the students will be asked five questions about the story. Following the same procedure, the second story will be read. The difference between the two stories is that the second story has no picture because the story is about a sequential event that has not yet happened.

Directions are provided on each instructor's worksheet enabling the teacher to use the worksheets without prior preparation. These not only serve as a manual for the professional but also inform the parents as to how the activities were presented in class or how they can be used to review the work or as a homework assignment.

The lessons can be used with individual students or in groups. While only one student is addressed at a time, group lessons allow the other students to listen and observe the questions and responses of classmates.