Lemon & Lime Library: An articulation screen & resource pack

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Rebecca Palmer, Athanassios Protopapas

  • Lemon & Lime Library
  • Lemon & Lime Library
    Provides an articulation screening test and A wealth of word and picture resources to generate tailor made worksheets for clients.

Age Range: 3+
ISBN: 9780863885488

The Lemon & Lime Library is a comprehensive CD-Rom resource that provides speech and language therapists with a wealth of written and picture material to be used in the screening and treatment of articulation disorders.

The Articulation Screening Test enables therapists to profile the articulation ability of a client whilst the Library provides the material and tools to create tailor-made practice worksheets and identify areas in particular need of treatment.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • Introduction, giving advice on the treatment of articulation and how to use the Library.
  • Articulation Screening Test, using different words to those in the Library to indicate the areas of greatest difficulty and to assess the generalisation of articulation skills.
  • Resource Pack containing seven levels of articulation practice: single sounds; consonant-vowel combinations; DDK rates; short words; multisyllabic words; short phrases with the target Q sound in one word; and longer phrases and sentences saturated with the target sound.

The comprehensive interactive CD-ROM is a flexible tool, enabling speech & language therapists to create tailor-made worksheets for individual clients. The CD holds the library of words and illustrations featured in the Resource Pack. Worksheets can be created using:

  • Word lists - by selecting the linguistic and phonetic criteria required (place and manner of articulation; voicing; position of the sound in a word; level of practice; number of syllables; imageability; clusters) a list of words will be generated and can be printed out as a worksheet for the client.
  • Pictures can be added from the database for those clients who cannot read.
  • Additional words can be added by the therapist both to a client's list of words and saved on the database, in time substantially increasing the library of words available.

This versatile resource can be used with adults or children and will be invaluable to speech language therapists, teachers, and students of phonetics.

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Table of Contents


Treatment of articulation

Development of the Lemon Lime Library

Articulation screening test

Sounds and words

Phrases sentences