A Language Preprimer

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Marilyn M Toomey

  • A Language Preprimer
  • A Language Preprimer
    Help young students to learn the language of literacy -- before they learn to read.

126 pages
Age Range: 4 to 8

This is one of the most important books you'll find to help young students prepare to access the language awaiting them in their school curriculum!

A Language Preprimer is intended for speech/language pathologists or teachers working with young children in preschool, kindergarten or primary grades - helping these young students to learn the language of literacy - before they learn to read!

Many of our youngsters with language impairment fail to learn words denoting relational concepts, small functional words, and words used in classroom directions.

Youngsters whose language skills are weak sometimes omit unstressed words in sentences during early language development. They bypass such words using only words more heavily weighted in meaning, failing to learn the meaning of some of these small functional words. Some children learning English as a second language are confused over the meanings of English prepositions, quantitative words, and articles. Some such words do not translate directly into English. Yet children are expected to read and comprehend sentences and paragraphs that include these words in first grade!

Our young students with limited language skills or those learning English as a second language need to focus on the meanings of these relational concept terms, prepositions, conjunctions and language of directions before they learn to read. This is necessary for young students simply to make sense out of early reading materials!

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Use the hundreds of illustrations and dozens of lesson pages in this book to present hard-to-teach words.