Improving Phonemic Awareness Skills: In struggling readers of all ages

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Sandra Donah

  • Improving Phonemic Awareness Skills

160 pages
ISBN: 9780979865121

Improve your students' phonemic awareness skills including sounds, manipulation, rhyming, segmenting, substitution and blending.

5-7 minute exercises organised in 3 skill levels with enjoyable, varied activities to stimulate interest - ideal for one-on-one or group lessons and can also be used in the general classroom environment.

This resource is divided into three sections that focus on various levels of phonemic awareness.

  • Level 1- beneficial for young students or students whose phonemic awareness skills are at the foundation level.
  • Level 2- contains more challenging activities interspersed with easier skills.
  • Level 3 - focuses on manipulation of phonemes and is more complex.

There is enough variety of difficulty in the activities that the tutor can pick and choose how much of the lesson to do depending on the student's ability. Can also be used with a small guided reading group, improve phonemic skills and have fun at the same time. In the classroom setting it can be used as part of a trivia game.

Printable colour pictures to accompany activities can be downloaded by clicking on the Free Resources button.