How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression: Elementary Grade Lesson Activities That Teach Empathy, Friendship, and Respect

$21.99  Softcover
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Steve Breakstone, Michael Dreiblatt, Karen Dreiblatt

  • How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression

352 pages
Age Range: 5 to 12
ISBN: 9781620872185

Educators have come to recognise the long-term negative impact that bullying can have on children and the need to proactively teach acceptable behaviours for both in school and out. This user-friendly resource provides K-6 teachers, school administrators, and counsellors with fun, interactive lessons and activities that support students' safety and well-being, promote healthy social-emotional development, and improve academic achievement. Using role plays and sample scripts that can be adapted to specific situations, the authors illustrate how to teach critical concepts and behaviours, including how to stand up to a bully and how to stop another student from bullying.

In clear, jargon-free language, this research-based book helps school districts meet the curriculum requirements of recently enacted bullying laws by fostering positive youth development around the concepts of respect, conflict resolution, and interpersonal relationships.

How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression helps educators engage bullies, victims, and bystanders at their own level and teach healthy behaviours to create safe schools.