Happy Student: The Practical Guide to Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Planning

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Jenna Sage

  • Happy Student
  • Happy Student
    Implement a functional assessment & intervention planning process for students that exhibit challenging behaviours.

ISBN: 9781475836585

Happy Student: the Practical Guide to Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Planning is a tool for educators to better understand what some believe is a complicated process. Happy Student breaks the process down into consumable chunks, adds in easy to understand strategies and tips, and removes the technical talk to create an easy to follow guide. The book is intended to help teachers and school staff to implement a functional assessment and intervention planning process to increase the quality of life and happiness for students that may exhibit challenging behaviors.

Table of Contents


  • Part I: Functional Behavior Assessment

Chapter 1: Do you See What I See? Describing and Defining the Target Behavior

Chapter 2: Asking the Right Questions: Understanding the Target Behavior

Chapter 3: The Right Place and the Right Time: Observing the Target Behavior

Chapter 4: At a Glance: Visualizing the Data

Chapter 5: Hypothesizing the Why and Determining the Function

  • Part II: Behavior Intervention Plan

Chapter 6: Planning the How: Developing a BIP

Chapter 7: Chocolate for Almonds: Understanding the Functionally Equivalent Replacement Behavior (FERB)

Chapter 8: It's About to Go Down: Strategies to Decrease Behavior

Chapter 9: What is Caught should be Taught: Strategies to Teach and Reinforce Behavior

Chapter 10: Strategies to Increase Integrity and Generalization of Implementation


Appendix A: Blank Functional Behavior Plan

Appendix B- Sonya's Functional Behavior Plan

Appendix C- Murray's Functional Behavior Plan

About the Author

"Dr. Sage has created another wonderful resource to help teachers and other school-based professionals to address challenging behaviors. She has created a resource to help teachers to better identify behaviors in an observable way, understand the functions of behaviors, and create plans to change the behavior. Her experience in classroom settings means that she is able to provide realistic ideas and tools that any teacher would be able to implement."
- Janelle Brett, 1st Grade Teacher, Double Branch Elementary

"Dr. Jenna Sage has done it once again with her second book, ═×Happy Student═č. She grounds her recommendations in ABA theory, finding the perfect pitch between research and practical application. She masterfully trains to understand Functional Behavior Assessment processes using clear, concise, and concrete examples that are easily grasped for any educator. This book will serve as a timeless tool to help educators foster Happy Students!"
- Alyssa Lipinski, Student Services Program Coordinator, Pasco County School District