Games and Motor Exercises for Speech

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Academic Communication Associates

  • Games and Motor Exercises for Speech

Age Range: 5 to 10
ISBN: 9781575030647

Use the full-colour game board and the activities in this kit to help students develop oral-motor skills. The game activities and worksheets provide practice in moving the lips and tongue, opening and closing the mouth, producing sounds in isolation, syllables, and words. Activities focusing on specific sounds help children to develop an awareness of voicing and oral movements necessary for the formation of specific consonant sounds. Sound games are included to strengthen phonological awareness as children practice oral-motor skills. The activity manual is organised into four sections:

  • Basic Oral Motor Practice: help children to position the tongue, lips, and teeth so that they can produce the consonants and vowel sounds
  • Exercises for Vowel and Consonant Contrasts: practice producing word pairs, groups of words, and groups of nonsense syllables that have all but one sound in common.
  • Sentence Production Practice. require students to repeat sentences that have been structured to emphasise specific speech sounds.
  • Games. Students practice producing various oral-motor tasks listed on reproducible playing cards. Basic skills such as opening and closing the mouth and moving the tongue from side to side are included.

The kit includes the activity manual and a full-colour 11"x 17" playing board.