Funzee Everday Sounds & Everyday Go-Together CD-ROMs:

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Jonathan Wise, Clint Johnson, Susie Loraine, Molly DeShong

Funzee Everday Sounds & Everyday Go-Together CD-ROMs

Age Range: 3 to 11

Funzee likes to guess what is making the sounds he is hearing, and he likes matching things that go together! Now your students can too! Funzee Everyday Sounds gives students practice identifying the sounds of 60 common objects. Funzee Everyday Go-Togethers helps students improve vocabulary and critical thinking as they practice matching 72 pairs of familiar items that go together.

Both of the interactive software programs allow teachers to track data for an unlimited number of students, print progress reports, change settings, and keep records of the sounds and photo matches that students identify incorrectly during sessions. Introduction, game play and installation guide included for both programs.

Funzee Everyday Sounds interactive game options

  • Match Sound to Photo & Sound
  • Match Photo & Sound to Sound
  • Match Sound to Sound
  • Match Photo to Sound
  • Match Sound to Photo

Funzee Everyday Go-Togethers interactive game options

  • Learn Go-Togethers
  • Bingo/Lotto Game
  • Matching Game
  • Classroom Bingo/Lotto Game
  • Classroom Matching

Funzee programs are challenging for groups too!

Both programs allow teachers to build their own Bingo/Lotto or Matching boards in a jiffy! Create, save, and print randomised boards and play them anytime. When a game is over, click Scramble & Play Again!

Classroom Bingo/Lotto and Classroom Matching do not include the data-tracking features.