From Sentence to Narrative

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Marilyn M Toomey

  • From Sentence to Narrative

115 pages
Age Range: 4 to 8
ISBN: 9780923573294

From Sentence to Narrative will help you lead students to move from talking in sentences to formulating sentence combinations, writing paragraphs and retelling stories. Experience the satisfaction of knowing that you've given students tools to take with themselves as they continue on their path toward more complex language and literacy!

As your students become more proficient in expressing themselves you'll need more challenging materials and activities to help them move forward. This book gives you what you need to help your students combine their sentences into more elaborate and complex spoken or written passages. You'll begin by helping students develop passages that will give them a foundation for constructing personal narratives. Move on to combining sentences to form simple cohesive sentence combinations. Then, help students build simple expository passages as they compare similar items.

Finally, students will delight in their ability to retell stories. Under your directions students will listen to a story then respond to your prompts to retell the story, step by step. Minimize you prompts until your student needs only to see the pictures in order to generate the sentences that tell the story!