Fizz Buzz: 101 Spoken Numeracy Games

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Janet Rees

Fizz Buzz
64 pages
Age Range: 4 to 11
ISBN: 9781855033528

This bumper collection of lively oral number games is written to develop core mathematical skills in an exciting way. The games are an excellent way to introduce new concepts, assess progress, begin a numeracy lesson or conduct a plenary session.

Many children are expected to write mathematics before they have learned to imagine, discuss and verbalise their thoughts about it. The games in Fizz Buzz provide an ideal alternative to this. By allowing children to ask questions, give or reflect on explanations, and express and justify opinions, you will enable them to grow in confidence and meet new challenges successfully.

The games in Fizz Buzz combine the benefits of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic approaches to learning. They are suitable for all children aged 4-11 and offer alternative ways to make the games easier or more difficult.