Earth Talk Language Cards:

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  • Earth Talk Language Cards
  • Earth Talk Language Cards
    Target five essential communication skills while your students learn about and discuss current environmental topics.

132 pages
Age Range: 4+
ISBN: 9781607230656

Your students can "go green" as they learn about and discuss current environmental topics. Earth Talk is a set of 132 language cards that targets five essential communication skills:

  • two receptive (providing Main Idea and answering True or False) and
  • three expressive (Describe, Discuss, and Reason).

The cards are divided into two levels of difficulty:

  • Use Level 1 with younger students. These 44 cards each have a short paragraph of information and two questions.
  • Level 2 is for older students. These 88 cards each have a longer paragraph and five questions.

Level 2 cards are colour-coded in seven categories: Conserving, Recycling, Environmental Concerns, Environmental Terms, Laws & Regulations, Energy Sources, and Occupations.

The teacher/clinician may tailor Earth Talk to meet each student's abilities by choosing appropriate question(s) for each student.

Table of Contents

Earth Talk includes:

  • 132 cards (5" x 4")
  • Content cards and game ideas
  • Sturdy storage box