Doug Dragster's Get Happier Toolbox

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Ivan Honey, Rebekah Russell Australian author

  • Doug Dragster's Get Happier Toolbox

Age Range: 8 to 80
ISBN: 9780994210210

This dynamic card set has been designed to help everyone discover and apply the skills for living a happier and more successful life. You will learn key aspects of Emotional Intelligence, improve your self esteem and happiness and learn how to make and keep better relationships. You will also learn powerful questions and processes to solve problems and get the best out of life.

Whether you are a young person, counsellor, parent or teacher, you will find the simple but comprehensive instruction book easy to follow. The toolbox cards can be used on their own or with the other Doug Dragster "Get Happier" resources. The activities are divided into two age groups" 6 -8 years and 8 to 80 years. This is only a guide and many activities can be used with people of all ages.

The ideas in this transformational toolbox are inspired by the work of Dr William Glasser and reflect aspects of his Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. It also integrates ideas and processes from many effective, evidence based and positive psychologies that focus on human potential.

Table of Contents

Get Happier Toolbox Instruction Book (49 pages)

Open and Dead End Roads (17 cards)

4 Wheels 2 Get Happier (39 cards)

Supercharge Your Dragster (10 cards)

Sturdy flip lid box