DOT Preschool Early Developing Sounds: with paint markers

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Rachele Ellsworth

  • DOT Preschool Early Developing Sounds

204 pages
Age Range: 3+

Now your preschool students can “dot” their way to clear speech with DOT Preschool Early Developing Sounds. It works just like the other DOT books that you have enjoyed using with your older students, but this one is developed for a younger audience with simpler target words and vocabulary. Each student receives a game sheet and a paint marker. The student marks each dot as he/she practices the target sound.

  • Targets eighteen (18) sounds: p, b, t, d, k, g, m, n, f, v, w, h, s, sh, ch, l, s-blends, and l-blends.
  • All sounds are targeted in the intial and final word positions, except for w, h, s-blends, and l-blends which are targeted in the initial word position only.
  • Multisyllabic words are targeted separately: two-syllable words and three-syllable words.
  • Target words were carefully chosen to have simplistic syllable shapes (i.e., CV, CVC, etc.) that preschool children need.
  • Worksheets can easily be incorporated into almost any treatment approach.

You will absolutely love how involved and motivated your younger students will be while working on the speech sounds. Included in the workbook is also a Game Variations/Suggestions page which details several alternative ways to use the game sheets so that your students can use them over and over again without getting bored!

Paint markers/Ink daubers included, and also sold separately, if extras required.