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Don't Suspend Me!

$46.14  Softcover

Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan, John E Hannigan

  • Don't Suspend Me!
  • Don't Suspend Me!
    Helps teachers and administrators use alternative discipline methods designed for long term change of behaviour for students in trouble

112 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781506350370

A continued rise of disproportionality in discipline in schools, and the push for schools to provide discipline that works are the reasons behind the development of this book. Don't Suspend Me! is meant to help teachers and administrators use alternative discipline methods designed for long term change of behaviour for students in trouble. Filled with example discipline incidents and the appropriate responses and interventions to help change behaviour of the students, it provides a resource for administrators and educators to use instead of resorting to suspensions as the only method of response.

Both authors have been administrators in schools where they were in charge of discipline. Through their effective application of addressing discipline similar to academics, many other administrators and key stakeholders at schools have and continue to rely on their expertise in providing effective discipline rather than just resorting to suspensions. Through their work of consulting with and supporting other administrators and schools, it is evident that there is a high demand and need for learning how to shift from traditional discipline methods to doing alternative discipline that works. It has become clear that administrators and educators need a toolkit or handbook as a guide to help them implement this form of discipline in their schools.

The book will help educators not only comply with legal requirements, but also do what is best for students for the long term.

Table of Contents



About the Authors

Part I. The What and Why of Alternative Discipline That Works!

  1. Building a Case for Alternative Discipline
  2. Discipline Belief Self-Inventory
  3. Questions and Tips Before You Begin
  4. Alternative/Innovative Discipline

Part II. Case Studies on Alternative Discipline

  1. Case Studies

Part III. Alternative Discipline Menu by Common Behavior Incidents

  1. Alternative Discipline Menu Introduction
  2. Alternative Discipline Menu
    • Bullying
    • Cyberbullying
    • Drug/Alcohol Offense
    • Fight
    • Fire Related
    • Inappropriate Language
    • Property Damage
    • Repeated Classroom Disruption
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Substitute Teacher
    • Technology Offense
    • Theft
    • Truancy

Part IV. Bringing It All Together

  1. So What Now?



"Don't Suspend Me! is needed across all schools. This book will give administrators an easy-to-follow plan while dealing with the variety of discipline issues on a daily basis."
- Leo Castillo, Principal

"Don't Suspend Me! offers a timely topic and gets into the nuts and bolts of the practitioner's point of view. The toolbox nature is exactly what is needed for those who have determined to try alternative discipline options and now need specific guidance on how to implement."
- Jason Thompson, Assistant Principal

"The depth of coverage in this book is great, no matter what issues are being dealt with. Don't Suspend Me! is a comprehensive toolkit that is very practical, well written, and useful."
- Mimi Bonds, Director Student Services