Developing Language for Literacy

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Larry J Mattes

Developing Language for Literacy

ISBN: 9781575030180

Help children develop the language and thinking skills that they need for success in the classroom literacy curriculum using the practical strategies in this book. Topics covered include teaching literacy-related language concepts, developing language strategies that facilitate literacy acquisition, building phonological awareness, helping bilingual children with reading disabilities, and implementing language-based programs of instruction. Chapters: Developing Literacy in Our Schools, Perception, Language, and Reading, Language and Literacy Before School, Approaches to Literacy Instruction, Phonics, Word Identification and Reading, Language Differences and Language Disorders, Strategies for Identifying Learning Needs, Language Based Literacy Instruction.

Practical guidelines for using the child's knowledge of language to facilitate literacy acquisition are included.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Developing Literacy in Our Schools

Chanter 2 - Perception, Language, and Reading

Chapter 3 - Language and Literacy Before School

Chapter 4 - Approaches to Literacy Instruction

Chapter 5 - Phonics, Word Identification and Reading

Chapter 6 - Language Differences and Language Disorders

Chapter 7 - Strategies for Identifying Learning Needs

Chapter 8 - Language Based Literacy Instruction