Developing Language Comprehension: Using Multisensory Activities

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Marilyn M Toomey

  • Developing Language Comprehension
  • Developing Language Comprehension
    Strategies for comprehending spoken information - Engaging 3 senses - listening, looking & touching, to build mental images of what is heard or read.

126 pages
Age Range: 4 to 8
ISBN: 9780923573508

Help students learn strategies for comprehending spoken information - strategies that will help them!

Using these activities students will consciously work to understand and remember language. They will learn that comprehension is an active process.

Engaging three senses - listening, looking and touching, helps build mental images of what is heard or read. This important skill is an essential support for working memory and recall.

This book presents activities challenging children to meet these goals. Forty complete lessons, each featuring a different scenario are presented in 3-page units:

  • The first page is a step-by-step guide to be used by the instructor. This guide includes instructions to the student, suggested presentation text, picture references and suggested comprehension activities and questions.
  • The second page shows characters involved in an activity within a specific background. Students see this page while listening to the talk about the picture using suggested text.
  • The third page presents the background only - the characters and objects are removed but picture clues are provided to help students complete the comprehension activities.