Cool Cats Calm Kids: Relaxation and Stress Management for Young People

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Mary L Williams

  • Cool Cats Calm Kids
  • Cool Cats Calm Kids
    Cats know how to live, don't they? And now you can learn their secrets for keeping cool and calm, and for handling minor upsets in your life. This book won't make you a cool cat, but it will sure help you to be a calm kid.

27 pages
ISBN: 9780915166947

A practical, popular yet humorous stress management guide for children aged 7-12 years. Cats teach kids proven relaxation & assertiveness techniques. Includes a section for parents, teachers & counsellors

Stress isn't just for adults anymore, our children are stressed, too. They need coping tools that are fun, informative and memorable. Cool Cats, Calm Kids is a practical, humorous guide to relaxation and stress management for children. In Cool Cats..., cats are teachers, sharing their 'nine secrets' for keeping cool and calm. '