Choices in a Jar: Wacky Comparisons Provoke Thinking—and Thinking Is Fun!

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Free Spirit Publishing

  • Choices in a Jar
  • Choices in a Jar
    Spark lively conversation with dilemma cards that ask you to decide what to do, say, or choose.

101 pages
ISBN: 9781575429182

What's your choice:

  • to have to walk on stilts the rest of your life, or to always have to roller skate to get around?
  • to have no short-term memory, or no long-term memory?
  • to not eat for two days, or to not sleep for two days?

Decision making games provoke thinking, and thinking is fun. Each card presents a delightful dilemma: sometimes unusual, always challenging: to spark conversation or controversy. Change your choice and change your mind.

All ages, 101 cards, 8cm recyclable plastic screwtop jar.