Bully Free Zone In a Jar: Tips for Dealing with Bullying

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Free Spirit Publishing

  • Bully Free Zone In a Jar

101 pages
Age Range: 9 to 14
ISBN: 9781575423623

Learn what to do if you have a bully problem - whether you are the target, the bystander, or the one doing the bullying.

Use Bully Free Zone In a Jar to promote group discussions about healthy ways to reduce bullying. Individuals can use cards to learn anti-bullying strategies: whether they are the target of bullying, a bystander, the person doing the bullying, or all three. There are four different kinds of cards:

  • Talk About It cards: Readers share ideas and personal stories about their experiences with bullying.
  • Tip cards: These cards provide smart, safe actions kids can take when they or someone else is being bullied.
  • Act It Out cards: Here are more tough situations, but this time readers act out their responses.
  • What Would You Do cards: Kids imagine themselves in these bullying situations and describe what they would do.

101 cards, 8cm recyclable plastic screwtop jar.