Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades 4-5

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David A Sousa

  • Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades 4-5

200 pages
ISBN: 9781412967877

Sophisticated medical instruments have provided us with a unique glimpse into the learning brain. As educators, we can take that knowledge and apply it to teaching in our classrooms. With the advantage of brain research, we have been able to develop instructional techniques that facilitate the brain's innate learning capacity.

The more teachers know about how the brain learns, the more instructional options they have. Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades 4-5 provides ready-to-use, brain-compatible lessons for mathematics instruction. Teachers will find step-by-step guidance and all the necessary reproducibles for mathematics instruction that involves group work, reflection, movement, and visualisation. Through activities such as Scuba Division, Party Planners, Sunken Treasure, and Parachute Drop, intermediate learners will enjoy developing skills connected with multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, geometry and measurement, algebra, data analysis, and more.

Correlated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' standards and Focal Points, this classroom resource shows teachers how to apply the principles discussed in Sousa's bestseller, How the Brain Learns Mathematics. The instructional strategies enhance motivation and content retention, address individual intelligences, and:

  • Promote writing as an important learning tool
  • Use concrete models to make concepts meaningful
  • Connect mathematical ideas to the real world
  • Incorporate graphic organisers to help students organise their thinking
  • Teach creative problem solving

Deepen and revitalise instruction using Sousa’s proven brain-compatible approach for helping every student develop self-confidence in mathematics!

Table of Contents


Links to Focal Points and Standards

About the Author

  1. Multiplication and Division
  2. The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Party Lists
  3. Meet the Fact Family
  4. Guess-timate Estimates
  5. Point and Play
  6. 200 Catch Game
  7. Blocks of Division
  8. Words of Division
  9. Divisibility Dash
  10. Scuba Division
  11. Show the Order
    1. Fractions and Decimals
    2. Fraction Friends
    3. Fun With Fractions
    4. Decimal Days
    5. Put the Dot on the Spot
    6. Dollars and Sense
    7. A Portrait of Parts
    8. Grocery Bill Math
    9. Party Planners
    10. Fraction Cooking
    11. Calling All Construction Workers
      1. Geometry and Measurement
      2. Detective Angle
      3. Tricky Triangles
      4. Silly Symmetry
      5. Trouble at the Tangram Zoo
      6. Magic Carpets for Sale
      7. Geo Puppet
      8. A Hole in the Roof
      9. From Farm to Factory
      10. Wrapping Up Math
        1. Algebra
        2. Simply, Simplify
        3. Weigh to Go!
        4. What's the Score?
        5. Sunken Treasure
          1. Data Analysis
          2. Terrific T's
          3. Our Favorite Things
          4. Book Bonanza
          5. Too Many Ants!
          6. Survey Study
          7. Fast Food Comparisons
          8. Parachute Drop
          9. Plot the Treasure
          10. Animal Olympics
          11. Journal Page

            Answer Key