Boosting School Belonging: Practical Strategies to Help Adolescents Feel Like They Belong at School

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Kelly-Ann Allen, Peggy Kern Australian author

  • Boosting School Belonging
  • Boosting School Belonging
    Evidence-based strategies and concepts that help foster a sense of school belonging amongst students. For teachers & counsellors.

204 pages
ISBN: 9781138305083

With rising rates of youth mental illness, disconnection and social isolation, strategies are needed that can help stem the tide. A sense of belonging to one’s school is associated with good school performance, physical and psychological wellbeing, and offers a quintessential solution to help address many of the issues faced by young people today.

Grounded in theory, research, and practical experience, Boosting School Belonging provides 48 activities for practitioners and teachers to use with classes, groups, or individuals to help secondary students develop a sense of school belonging. Through six modules, readers will understand the evidence underlying each module, identify fun and practical tools to use with young people, and develop strategies for helping young people connect with teachers, parents, peers, themselves, learning, and help.

The evidence-based strategies and concepts make it an invaluable resource for teachers, psychologists and counsellors looking to help foster a sense of school belonging amongst students.

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Module 1: Connecting with Teachers

Module 2: Connecting with Parents

Module 3: Connecting with Peers

Module 4: Connecting with Oneself

Module 5: Connecting with Learning

Module 6: Connecting with Help

Conclusion: Becoming A Belonger

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