Bill Rogers DVD Series: set of 4 DVDs

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Bill Rogers Australian author

Bill Rogers DVD Series


A four-part video/DVD series on managing behaviour in schools presented by popular Australian behaviour management specialist, Bill Rogers.


This video has Bill answering questions commonly asked by teachers: What about frequent offenders? How can a school address bullying? What consequences can be applied to swearing and other offensive behaviours? How to exit a child from the classroom? What to do if a child runs out of the classroom when they are corrected? How to use cool-off time?


Bill explores: The four R's of classroom management, noise meters, class meetings, and models the skills of peer negotiation, rehearsal, reframing, planned encouragement, communicating calmness and collegial support.

Positive Correction

In this training video Bill discusses and gives in-class demonstrations of the following skills: privately understood signals, tactical ignoring, distraction & diversion, partial agreement, pause direction, question & feedback, take up time, choice direction, cool-off time, rule reminders.

Repair & Rebuild

This video focuses on: restitution, mirroring, follow up meetings, hard class syndrome, attention deficit disorder, student motivation, playground management, re-entry after suspension and apologies.