Better Than Carrots Or Sticks: Restorative Practices For Positive Classroom Management

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Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, Dominique Smith

Better Than Carrots Or Sticks
152 pages
ISBN: 9781416620624

Schools and teachers everywhere are abandoning harsh, punitive controls on student behaviour; such as consequence-based systems and frequent school suspensions; for restorative practices that can lead to more productive classrooms that result in improved student learning. In this book, Authors Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey share their proven approach to implementing restorative practices in schools and classroom. From welcoming students in the morning to resolving the most serious behaviour problems, the authors' framework includes

  • Steps to building trusting and positive relationships with students.
  • How to establish rules, procedures, and expectations that result in a classroom compact between teaches and students.
  • Ways to prevent and manage conflict by keeping, making, and building peace.
  • Ideas for reflecting a restorative approach in school management and parent and community outreach.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Punitive or Restorative: The Choice Is Yours

Chapter 2. Relationships and Meaningful Instruction: The Foundations of Restorative Practices

Chapter 3. Classroom Procedures and Expectations: Structures that Support Restorative Practices

Chapter 4. Peace Building: Using Informal Restorative Practices Every Day

Chapter 5. Peacemaking: Strategic Implementation of Formal Restorative Practices

Chapter 6. Creating the Mindset for Restorative Practices