Behavior Intervention Manual

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Samm N House

  • Behavior Intervention Manual
  • Behavior Intervention Manual
    A compilation of goals, objectives & intervention strategies for 253 behaviours grouped by categories. The ultimate reference.

765 pages

The ‘Behaviour Intervention Manual’ (BIM) is a compilation of goals, objectives, and intervention strategies for 253 behaviours grouped by categories. It is designed to respond to the most typical behaviour problems exhibited by students in educational settings. The interventions are appropriate for any student engaging in the selected behaviours. The student need not be identified as behaviourally disordered/emotionally disturbed or handicapped in anyway. The appropriateness of the interventions relates directly to the behaviour problem and not to classification labels.

The interventions selected reflect positive teacher behaviour, contribute to a positive classroom atmosphere, and have been proven to contribute to student success in the educational environment. All interventions included have been found to be successful by administrators, teachers, aides, counsellors, parents, and other person’s intent on helping students.

The interventions contained in this manual represent solutions which are both preventive and reactive. Preventive interventions are environmental modifications used to reduce variables (e.g., noise, movement, another student, etc) which may stimulate problem behaviour. Reactive interventions “teach” the student more appropriate ways to deal with his/her behaviour. These strategies include increase self-control, problem-solving skills, etc.

The interventions included in this manual are appropriated for all educational environments and lend themselves particularly well to creating continuity across all the educational settings in which the student functions.

NOW INCLUDES CD with copies of each of the reproducible forms (NB. this is not the same as the Behavior Intervention Manual CD which contains software to enable individual plans to be created from the manual's contents).

Behavior Intervention Manual
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