Neil Phillips titles

full of beans
Full of Beans

Full of Beans is about Attention Deficit Disorder. With simple text and many cartoons it tells the story of ADD and shows what can be done to help children with this problem.

how to bust the worry warts
How to Bust the Worry Warts

features Worry Warts who float around making mischief by pushing useless, painful & ridiculous worries into the minds of children

lost in a mind field
Lost In A Mind Field

This book deals with the complicated and confusing topic of psychosis in such a way that it becomes easier to understand.

the panic book
The Panic Book

Written by a practicing Australian psychologist for kids; with humour and insight, “The Panic Book” will tell you a lot about panic and how it can be treated and beaten.

the school wobblies
The School Wobblies

The School Wobblies is for children who have difficulty going to school because they are frightened or worry too much.

the secret problem
The Secret Problem

The book identifies Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as a biological problem and clearly describes how the individual and the family are not to blame for its onset.

shrink-rap set - 7 book set
Shrink-Rap Set - 7 Book Set
$165.95 Our Price - $155.95

Popular set of 7 books written by mental health professionals for children and those working with them. Lively and humorous illustrations make tough subjects easier to approach. Save by buying the set!

too blue, 2ed
Too Blue, 2ed

An encouraging book, which tackles tough topics like suicide and depression in a clear and helpful way.