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activities for developing phonological awareness
Activities for Developing Phonological Awareness
$63.75 Our Price - $59.95

How sounds differ, where they appear in words, what makes words rhyme, how syllables blend & mispronunciation.

activities for mastering inferences
Activities for Mastering Inferences

Solve the “mystery of inferences" - it is merely a hint about what a person means without the person actually saying it

asking good questions
Asking Good Questions
$52.50 Our Price - $48.95

Auditory processing, visual observations & expressive language to strengthen essential language skills & enhance vocabulary development.

asking more specific questions
Asking More Specific Questions
$54.90 Our Price - $52.50

Cartoon illustrations stimulate auditory comprehension of specific questions and information.

auditory and verbal sequencing
Auditory and Verbal Sequencing

Listening & remembering are easy when short stories are read aloud. Fun sequential story activities for 5-9 year olds.

auditory comprehension/vocabulary activities for non or minimally verbal children
Auditory Comprehension/Vocabulary Activities for Non or Minimally Verbal Children
$58.95 Our Price - $56.95

Workbook with structured comprehension lessons & vocabulary building for young children

auditory processing 'wh' words
Auditory Processing 'WH' Words

For students who have not developed a total understanding of “WH” question words – who, why, what, where & when. 

auditory processing of higher level language skills
Auditory Processing of Higher Level Language Skills

Lessons for students who need structured & detailed repetition to master higher-level language comprehension skills

auditory processing super pack
Auditory Processing Super Pack

These auditory processing activities are so delightful and unique that even the most distracted listeners will be challenged

building auditory direction skills
Building Auditory Direction Skills

Beginner’s level book, adorable illustrations with reproducible language lessons in following simple auditory directions

comprehending and verbalizing visual clues
Comprehending and Verbalizing Visual Clues

Activities to help children observe clues that give a picture meaning and talk about how they knew what happened

comprehending descriptive language
Comprehending Descriptive Language

Expand student's vocabulary of descriptive words & recognize how important descriptive words are to language comprehension.

comprehending more complex auditory information
Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information
$63.95 Our Price - $57.50

Strengthen comprehension, memory of specific information, understand subtle messages & describe daily events

comprehending social situations and social language
Comprehending Social Situations and Social Language
$61.00 Our Price - $59.95

Help students make a better connection to social situations by developing more awareness of what is happening & why

coordinating auditory information
Coordinating Auditory Information
$57.50 Our Price - $48.95

Recognise descriptive categories & practice coordinating auditory information by organising information in categories, actions, etc

developing awareness of similarities & differences
Developing Awareness of Similarities & Differences
$54.95 Our Price - $48.95

Develop understanding of subtle similarities that place various objects, people or animals in the same grouping.

developing comprehension in non or minimally verbal children
Developing Comprehension in Non or Minimally Verbal Children
$57.50 Our Price - $47.50

Recognise action words, objects, smaller parts, modifiers, “wh” words, spatial words, inferences & associations

developing logical reasoning skills
Developing Logical Reasoning Skills

Designed to provide questions that develop logical reasoning skills and improve the ability to verbally express logical answers

developing receptive & expressive language skills in young learners
Developing Receptive & Expressive Language Skills in Young Learners
$57.50 Our Price - $52.50

Lessons for comprehending, choosing between oral answers, answering specific questions & determining answers

facilitating word recall
Facilitating Word Recall
$61.90 Our Price - $59.95

For younger students who need picture clues to assist them in developing word recall.

following auditory directions
Following Auditory Directions

Stimulate attentive listening & accurate auditory processing for a wide variety of basic concepts & specific vocabulary words.

how would the story end?
How Would the Story End?

Activities for good listening, remembering details, forming logical conclusions and expressing thoughts orally.

language development lessons for early childhood
Language Development Lessons for Early Childhood

Strengthen listening skills & provide methods to encourage young learners to answer questions orally & to enjoy communicating.

listening & remembering specific details
Listening & Remembering Specific Details
$56.95 Our Price - $54.95

Lessons for listening to short stories, to retain the details, and to accurately answer questions about the stories.

listening and processing auditory directions
Listening and Processing Auditory Directions

To develop attentive listening skills, good comprehension of directions & develop auditory memory skills for remembering directions.

listening from the beginning to the end
Listening from the Beginning to the End
$58.95 Our Price - $53.50

Create a listening situation that captures the students’ attention - must listen to the end to find correct picture.

listening, understanding, remembering, visualizing
Listening, Understanding, Remembering, Visualizing
$64.75 Our Price - $48.95

Exercises for learning to verbalise answers to questions, essential steps in developing language skills and in progressing in academic learning.

mastering auditory sequencing
Mastering Auditory Sequencing

This workbook is composed of four different auditory skills tasks to help your students strengthen auditory sequencing skill

mastering basic concepts and specific words
Mastering Basic Concepts and Specific Words

Lessons for students who need assistance in fully understanding the meaning of certain basic concepts and specific words.

multiple auditory processing super pack
Multiple Auditory Processing Super Pack
$55.95 Our Price - $48.95

Activities to promote attentive listening, accurate language processing & strategy methods to assist auditory memory

problem solving activities
Problem Solving Activities
$59.95 Our Price - $42.50

Designed to increase awareness of choosing specific solutions to problems and the long-term results of these choices.

processing auditory messages exactly and totally
Processing Auditory Messages Exactly and Totally
$54.95 Our Price - $48.95

Challenging, fun worksheets to enhance auditory processing, listening skills, remembering a direction carry it out accurately.

put on your thinking cap
Put On Your Thinking Cap

Practice in following directions covering: quantity, money, time, calendars, seasons, spatial directions, positions, map skills & general directions.

recognizing and verbalizing correct grammar
Recognizing and Verbalizing Correct Grammar

Extensive practice in recognizing common grammatical errors so children can learn to use the correct grammar as a part of their speaking pattern.

sound construction
Sound Construction
$60.00 Our Price - $54.95

Practice for the development or remediation of consonants, blends, digraphs and vowels. Instructional level from beginning to intermediate level.

verbal reasoning activities
Verbal Reasoning Activities
$58.95 Our Price - $48.95

Being able to tell “What happened and why it happened” is one of the most important skills in language development. Reproducible.