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core curriculum articulation - s, r, l
Core Curriculum Articulation - S, R, L
$49.95 Our Price - $47.95

Teach essential core curriculum vocabulary and reinforce articulation skills at the same time!

hearbuilder following directions fun sheets
HearBuilder Following Directions Fun Sheets
$67.50 Our Price - $64.95

Hands-on colour, cut, and paste activities for students to practice following oral directions with basic concepts. These worksheets are companion activities to reinforce the tasks in the HearBuilder® Following Directions interactive software program.

rebus infer-a-word fun deck
Rebus Infer-a-Word Fun Deck
$26.95 Our Price - $21.95

Uses 56 colourfully illustrated cards to help children increase awareness of syllabication, blend syllables into words, and use reasoning skills to determine target multisyllabic words.