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Audrey Prince

auditory memory for riddles fun deck

Auditory Memory for Riddles Fun Deck


Improve your students' listening, concentration, and memory skills with this 56 card Fu...

context clues in stories super fun deck

Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck


120 story cards to help your students learn to figure out the meaning of difficult word...

focus on manners fun deck

Focus on Manners Fun Deck


60 cards to help students talk about different types of behaviours they may see at scho...

magnetalk match-up adventure kit (with barrier)

MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit (with Barrier)


Magnetic games for language & listening skills. Perfect for following directions, story...

magnetalk match-up fantasy story adventures (with barrier)

MagneTalk Match-up Fantasy Story Adventures (with Barrier)


This story-based magnetic barrier game, Fantasy Story Adventures, combines the enchantm...

reading for details in stories

Reading for Details in Stories


100 engaging stories divided into three levels of difficulty. Students read the story &...

social inferences fun deck

Social Inferences Fun Deck


Improve social inferencing skills. Students listen to/read the stories & choose the ans...

webber wh questions interactive cd-rom, level 1

Webber WH Questions Interactive CD-Rom, Level 1


This interactive CD-Rom provides your student with 375 questions and answers to help th...

webber wh questions interactive cd-rom, level 2

Webber WH Questions Interactive CD-Rom, Level 2


Helps students practice and learn how to ask and answer "WH" Questions (Who, What, Wher...

what is the main idea?

What is the Main Idea?


This Super Fun Deck has 120 story cards to help students learn how to identify the main...

word families with silly sentences super fun deck

Word Families with Silly Sentences Super Fun Deck


This 204-card word family filled Super Fun Deck will help your students increase their ...

Audrey Prince

Audrey Prince, M.Ed., obtained a master’s degree in special education from Clemson University in 2000. She authored and co-authored various Super Duper® products for children with disabilities. Audrey participated in the research and development of assessment programs produced by Super Duper® Publications and has worked as an educational consultant. Her trainings emphasize teaching strategies for children with disabilities mainstreamed into general education classrooms.