Academic Communication Associates titles

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adventures in basic concept development
Adventures in Basic Concept Development
$79.95, Spiral Bound

Help children develop basic concepts such as through, around, wide, narrow, top, and bottom.

basic concept boosters
Basic Concept Boosters
$72.95, Spiral Bound

This popular book includes pictures, worksheets, games & activities to teach the concepts most often used in classroom directions.

bilingual children with communicative disorders
Bilingual Children With Communicative Disorders
$33.00, Forms

Brief guidelines for distinguishing normal communicative differences from behaviours indicative of a disorder

bilingual language picture resource
Bilingual Language Picture Resource
$54.95, Spiral Bound

This book includes pictures with their labels in English, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, French, and Japanese.

building expressive language skills
Building Expressive Language Skills
$73.95 Our Price - $69.95 Spiral Bound

The activities in this book can be used to develop proficiency in both structural & functional aspects of communication

care language processing intervention resource
CARE Language Processing Intervention Resource
$68.50 Our Price - $64.95 Spiral Bound

This book includes language processing exercises and reproducible worksheet pages to help older students and adults who have difficulty processing and using language.

concept adventure gameboards
Concept Adventure Gameboards
$43.95, Game

Teach basic sentence concepts such as in, on, under, and beside using these inexpensive full-color playing boards.

descriptive language activity kit
Descriptive Language Activity Kit

This book helps students to use precise vocabulary and basic concepts related to size, colour, shape, quantify, and location.

games and activities for language awareness
Games and Activities for Language Awareness
$78.95, Game

Use these games to develop phonemic awareness and an awareness of language structure. Ages 4 through 14.

games and motor exercises for speech
Games and Motor Exercises for Speech
$54.95, Game

Use the full-colour game board and the activities in this kit to help students develop oral-motor skills.

just write sentence builders
Just Write Sentence Builders
$59.95, Spiral Bound

Help children with language and learning disabilities learn to write simple sentences using the activities in this book. Students practice writing sentences relating to the action shown in pictures.

just write sight word activities
Just Write Sight Word Activities
$59.95, Spiral Bound

Help students with language-based reading difficulties develop oral language, reading, and writing skills with the activities in this book.

leap auditory processing games
LEAP Auditory Processing Games
$89.95, Game

Here is a collection of exciting game activities that can be used to help children develop auditory processing skills.

phonological awareness in words and sentences (paws)
Phonological Awareness in Words and Sentences (PAWS)
$68.95, Spiral Bound

Help students learn to identify differences between words with closely related sounds, identify sound changes within words, rhyme words, break down words into syllables, identify sound patterns within sentences, and more.

picture based phonological awareness resource
Picture Based Phonological Awareness Resource
$62.70, Spiral Bound

The phonological awareness activities in this book are perfect for children with language learning disabilities who have difficulty responding to auditory cues alone.

processing auditory directions
Processing Auditory Directions
$62.95, Spiral Bound

Use the activities in this book to build listening skills and basic concepts as children process auditory directions.

sound awareness workout
Sound Awareness Workout
$57.00 Our Price - $54.95 Spiral Bound

The activities in this book help children develop phonological awareness as they participate in a variety of language and listening activities.

sound funtastics
Sound FUNtastics
$53.50, Spiral Bound

The activities in this book can be used to teach speech sounds, remediate phonological processes, and enhance phonemic awareness. Ages 5 through 8.

thinking fun games for language
Thinking Fun Games for Language
$37.95, Spiral Bound

This book includes reproducible activities that can be used to help children between 4 and 8 years of age develop language and thinking skills.

vocabulary builders for adolescents with special needs
Vocabulary Builders for Adolescents with Special Needs
$67.95, Spiral Bound

Use this book to teach vocabulary to adolescents with vocabulary deficits. The activities build vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and critical thinking skills relevant to the academic curriculum and the daily living needs of students.

word construction
Word Construction
$63.95, Spiral Bound

These activities build phonological awareness, word awareness and increase students' knowledge of the structural components of words