Artic Rolling Cubes F,K, Clusters

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Rachele Ellsworth

  • Artic Rolling Cubes F,K, Clusters

Age Range: 4+

Articulation Rolling Cubes K/F/Clusters (R,S,L) helps your students roll into articulation therapy! This unique articulation therapy resource features 9 therapy articulation dice that illustrate 54 target images, 1 number cube, and 1 action cube. Roll them solo or in combination to practice isolated words numerous times, with corresponding actions, or while making up stories for carryover practice.

Here is how to use the cubes for Basic Therapy:

  • Select one (or more) target cube(s) you desire to practice (K, F, or Clusters).
  • Select the number cube and the action cube.
  • Roll the cubes and look at the face up images.
  • Say the target image the number of times indicated on the number cube.
  • Say the target image again the same number of times while performing the action shown on the action cube.
  • Continue rolling and practicing.

Here is how to use the cubes for Carryover Therapy:

  • Select the target cubes you desire to practice (K, F, or Clusters).
  • Roll the cubes, look at the face up images, and name them.
  • Tell a story that links together all of the face up images.
  • If multiple students are in a group session, take turns letting each student add to the story based on their face up images.

These are wonderful, portable articulation therapy materials for all your articulation students. Perfect for numerous repetitions at the single word level or complicated story telling at the carryover level. Your students will ask to use these fun dice again and again!

Table of Contents

9 therapy cubes

1 action cube

1 number cube

storage box