2nd Edition

Anger Management, 2ed: A Practical Guide

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Adrian Faupel, Elizabeth Herrick, Peter Sharp

  • Anger Management, 2ed
  • Anger Management, 2ed
    Anger Management is a practical handbook for teachers and parents which provides information, insight and strategies to help the reader understand and manage anger more effectively.

128 pages
Age Range: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9780415580717

Do you work with angry children? Are you wondering why young people don’t listen when they are angry? Are you exhausted from trying to understand angry behaviour?

Anger Management is a practical guide that will help you to stay calm in the face of angry outbursts from children and young people. Written by chartered psychologists with extensive experience in the field, this helpful book will:

  • increase your understanding of anger
  • offer you a range of practical management interventions
  • help you to manage your own behaviours to build more effective relationships
  • reduce the stress experienced by staff and parents who lack confidence in the face of aggressive behaviour.

With stress and anger levels amongst young people at an all time high, this second edition of Anger Management is particularly timely. It reflects the significant developments in the field of neuro-psychology and our understanding of the physiology of emotions. It also identifies the significant changes in legislation and guidance that have taken place in education and health and social care over the last decade and explores the implications of these changes for practitioners.

Containing information, explanations and practical advice that will enable you to cope with angry behaviour in the best way possible, as well as a range of helpful photocopiable resources, this book will prove invaluable to teachers as well as parents, carers, psychologists, social workers and health care workers.

Table of Contents


Section I: What is Anger?

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Perspectives on Anger
  • 3. What Doe Anger Do to You?
  • 4. What Do We Do With Anger?

Section II: Planning To Avoid the Storm

  • 5. Managing Systems
  • 6. Managing Ourselves
  • 7. Managing Children and Young People

Section III: The Fireworks

  • 8. Working with Angry Children
  • 9. The Explosion
  • 10. The Aftermath

Section IV: Practical Applications

  • 11. Help for Parents and Carers