All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!

$32.95  Hardback
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Ellen B Sensi

  • All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!
  • All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!
    This beautifully photographed hardcover storybook offers children a positive portrayal of living with a disability. Wonderful photographs support this children's story and its subtle message of inclusion.

28 pages
Age Range: 5 to 10
ISBN: 9781890627355

In a school assignment, seven year old Moses, who has Spina Bifida and uses a wheelchair, reflects that his neighbour's iguana, who has missing toes, is like him: they both have figured out how to get around differently to those around them.

More than just a story about friendship, this book looks at difference; such as being in a wheelchair or missing toes; in a unique way. With this beautifully photographed and engaging story, children discover that living with disability and facing its challenges can be seen as interesting, even positive. With an afterword about disabilities, Moses, and iguanas, the story provides material for discussing inclusion at school and home.