Adolescent Volcanoes

$34.95  Softcover
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Warwick Pudney, Eliane WhiteHouse NZ author

Adolescent Volcanoes

Age Range: 12 to 18
ISBN: 9780958213622

From the authors of A Volcano in my Tummy comes an innovative book for adolescents and the parents of adolescents which assists adults and adolescents in understanding difficulties and managing anger. Features:

  • Adolescents and their anger
  • How to identify and deal with hurt, loss and depression
  • Positive and negative aspects of power
  • The empowerment of both adolescents and adults
  • The setting of boundaries and guidelines
  • Skills to develop better communication links.

Includes activities, thought-provoking exercises and guidelines for using the book, for individuals and groups. Designed to be used by teachers, school counsellors and youth workers, but particularly for parents and adolescents themselves.