A Brief Guide for Successful Learning: Or I Wish I'd Known This Years Ago

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Rebecca Thomas, Betsy Langford, Alex Griffiths

A Brief Guide for Successful Learning
48 pages
ISBN: 9780956171108

Too often students, particularly dyslexic/dyspraxic ones, are ill-prepared for the rigour of academic study. They then flounder and don't obtain the grades their hard work and ability deserves. This book gives simple, essential advice on:

  • Personal organisation
  • Planning and writing for examinations, assignments and essays
  • Creating your all important personal dictionary
  • How to research for an assignment
  • Note-taking in lectures
  • How to organise revision
  • Working effectively in examinations
  • What is a "Gobbett" and how to deal with it!
  • Useful study aids

Despite her dyslexia, Rebecca graduated from university in 2008 with an honours degree in contemporary history and is a published author.

Nasen Awards winner 2009. A Brief Guide to Successful Learning won the "Book to Support Teaching and Learning - Pupil Book"