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Science Of Learning, Reading And Writing Masterclass

backpocket words

Backpocket Words


This book will help you understand and share the logic and coherence of the English wri...

beneath the surface of words

Beneath the Surface of Words

Your Price - $29.95

Take a journey below the surface of words to uncover the surprising coherence, depth an...

equipped for reading success

Equipped for Reading Success


David Kilpatrick's practical program brings the science and research of correcting read...

explicit direct instruction (edi)

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI)

Your Price - $64.95

Hollingsworth & Ybarra have refined & extended their highly successful methods in the n...

explicit instruction

Explicit Instruction

Your Price - $84.99

Highly practical & accessible resource gives special and general education teachers the...

language for life

Language for Life


A proven programme of explicit, step-by-step English language instruction via lessons i...

reading for life

Reading for Life


Make informed decisions about which teaching methods to use. An innovative, fresh look ...

spelling for life

Spelling for Life

Your Price - $44.09

Lucid, accessible tools help to reveal that, when explicitly and systematically taught,...

sweller's cognitive load theory in action

Sweller's Cognitive Load Theory in Action


This practical guide summarises over 30 years of research in this field into clear & ea...

Science Of Learning, Reading And Writing Masterclass

This is a short list of titles recommended by Lyn Stone, Lorraine Hammond and Ollie Lovell during their Science of Learning, Reading and Writing Masterclass presentations.

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