Sutherland Test of Phonological Awareness, Revised (SPAT-R)

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Roslyn Neilson Australian author

  • Sutherland Test of Phonological Awareness, Revised (SPAT-R)

Age Range: 4 to 11

An individual test of phonological and phonemic awareness, with Australian norms that cover the first to the fourth year of schooling. Assesses identification and manipulation of syllables, rhymes and phonemes, and includes tests of nonword reading and spelling. 15 mins to administer.

Scope: Phonological awareness tested at the levels of syllable, onset-rime and phoneme (CVC and consonant clusters)

Skills tested: Sound identification, blending, segmenting, manipulation, nonword reading and spelling

Analysis: In-depth analysis of nonword spelling errors provides a normed diagnostic picture of emerging phonemic awareness skills.

Grades: First to fourth year of schooling. May be used diagnostically for older children.

Norms: Australian sample (n = 559). Norms expressed in percentiles.

Administration: Quick and simple individual administration

Time: Takes 10 to 15 minutes to administer

Parallel forms: Alternate forms for pre-and post testing

Reliable and valid: Strong reliability and validity characteristics.

SPAT-R Kit (2019) includes four items:

  • SPAT-R Manual: A wire-bound printed copy
  • Test Forms: Sample printed copies (Form A yellow, Form B pink)
  • Stimulus Pages: Sample printed copies (Form A yellow, Form B pink)
  • The SPAT-R USB stick:

Please make a back-up copy of this USB stick immediately.

The USB stick contains the following files and folders:

  • An explanatory READ ME FIRST page
  • SPAT-R Demonstration Movie (MP4) - 30 minutes
  • Test Forms: Master files for printing:
  • Stimulus Pages: Master files for printing
  • SPAT-R Manual (PDF file)

The comprehensive manual covers qualitative interpretation and follow-up. Choice of test booklet to streamline administration and reporting, or economical one-page test scoresheet for school screenings.

Table of Contents

  • Manual
  • Stimulus Sheet Booklet
  • sample of one each of test forms
  • blackline photocopy masters for test booklets & screening sheets.
  • USB with all test material and demonstration movie
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