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2nd Edition

Numeracy and Learning Difficulties: Approaches to teaching and assessment

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Peter Westwood Australian author

  • Numeracy and Learning Difficulties

122 pages
ISBN: 9781742863665

The 2nd edition of Peter Westwood's best-selling Numeracy and Learning Difficulties addresses recent initiatives around the teaching of numeracy, the increased focus on numeracy standards, and international research around numeracy teaching, learning and pedagogy. Drawing on research from the fields of developmental and cognitive psychology, Peter Westwood presents a case for high-quality 'first teaching' to prevent students failing in the initial acquisition of numeracy skills.

Numeracy and Learning Difficulties provides guidance on how to develop flexible teaching methods and strategies to improve mathematical skills of students. It discusses common areas of learning difficulty in mathematics and looks at ways teachers can determine gaps in students' knowledge, as well as how to develop curricula and problem-solving strategies to address these gaps.

In the Learning Difficulties series, Peter Westwood evaluates, summarises and presents research, strategies and best-practice methodologies for working with students that have learning difficulties in particular subject areas. Rigorous yet accessible, the titles in this series provide teachers with the knowledge, data and direction they need to develop their skills and meet student needs.