Making Differentiation a Habit, 2ed: How to Ensure Success in Academically Diverse Classrooms

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Diane Heacox

  • Making Differentiation a Habit, 2ed

192 pages
Age Range: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781631982071

If you're a teacher with an academically diverse classroom (and what classrooms aren't today?), you need this resource. Framed around the critical elements for success in today's classrooms, this book gives educators specific, user-friendly tools; including differentiated instruction examples; to optimise teaching, learning, and assessment for all.

Providing new ideas, fresh perspectives, and additional research-based strategies, teachers will learn to seamlessly integrate differentiated instruction practices into their daily routines. The book includes:

  • Cutting-edge research that connects differentiation and Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Easy-to-follow structure for success in the classroom
  • Practical and specific tools, surveys, templates, and checklists
  • 100 illustrative figures and diagrams
  • In-depth information on assessment, choice opportunities, tiered assignments, grouping methods, student independence, grading, differentiating for gifted learners, teacher leaders, and schoolwide action plans
  • CD with dozens of useful reproducible forms and templates

As you implement these best practices, you will be making differentiation a regular part of your teaching.

In this updated edition of her guide to daily differentiated instruction, Diane Heacox outlines the critical elements for success in today’s classrooms. She gives educators evidence-based differentiation strategies and user-friendly tools to optimise teaching, learning, and assessment for all students. New features include:

  • an expanded section on grading
  • information on connections between personalised learning and differentiation
  • integration of strategies with Tier I instructional interventions
  • scaffolding strategies, revised planning templates
  • updated resources, which include digital tools and apps for assessment.

Digital content includes customisable forms from the book.

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"Diane Heacox has gone well beyond the marvelous path she set for us with her first book on differentiation. "Making Differentiation a Habit "is a wonderful synthesis of several well-respected and current resources on differentiation and assessment, all brought down to a teacher-friendly level and immediately usable in classrooms. Ms. Heacox makes differentiated instruction almost fun for teachers!"
- Karen B. Rogers, Professor of Education, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis

"I loved the first edition of this book, yet find this updated edition to be even better! Diane does a masterful job of citing essential educational research and joining it with practical differentiation strategies for classroom teachers and school administrators. I particularly appreciate her focus on gifted students and students with learning difficulties, since these are the most likely groups to need differentiated instruction. Additionally, Diane connects Response to Intervention (RTI) and ways to implement personalized learning as parts of the differentiation habit. The most significant part of the book for me, however, is the chapter entitled ‘Using Ethical Grading Practices.’ Grading in a differentiated classroom seems to be the greatest challenge for many teachers when they begin to differentiate their instruction. Diane offers several excellent strategies for dealing with this issue. I recommend that this chapter be carefully read and discussed in every school."
- Carolyn Coil, Ed.D., educational consultant and author