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LDA has revitalised its book shop with a limited number of purposely chosen books primarily in the areas of Response To Intervention (RTI), Explicit and Direct Instruction, Assessment for instruction, and Numeracy. The LDA Book Shop focuses on offering books founded on evidence-based research and which bridge the gap between the research and practical teaching resources for school administrators, classroom teachers, school support staff, and those who teach individual students.

New & Featured

golden principles of explicit instruction

Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction

$89.95, DVD

Dr Anita Archer covers the big ideas in explicit instruction in these short video segments on the Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction.

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what to do when you can't learn the times tables

What To Do When You Can't Learn The Times Tables

$29.95, Paperback

This best-selling title has been completely re-written and offers pupils the range of ideas in a fresh approach to tackling the times tables.

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help! my child has dyslexia

Help! My Child Has Dyslexia

$34.95, Paperback

Easy games and activities that are fun to do at home which will improve reading, writing, maths and memory skills

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dyscalculia resource book

Dyscalculia Resource Book

$92.00, Softcover

120 games & puzzles - New ‘mixed operations puzzles’ which require learners to switch mentally between addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.

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