Zach Rules Set: 5 book set

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William Mulcahy, illustrated by Darren McKee

  • Zach Rules Set
  • Zach Rules Set
    Straightforward tools for coping with frustrations, social issues & other everyday problems - humorous & realistic story lines + adult help

32 pages
Age Range: 5 to 8
Level: 3rd Grade Readability
ISBN: 9781575423906

Zach, his brothers Alex and Scott, and his parents are a typical family. The boys struggle with getting along, frustrations, social issues, and other everyday problems typical of kids ages five to eight. Each book in the Zach Rules series presents a single, simple story line involving one such problem. The stories in these early childhood books are humorous and realistic (these boys are not angels), and Darren McKee’s illustrations add a light-hearted, commercial appeal that kids will find familiar and fun. As each story develops, Zach and readers learn straightforward tools for coping with their struggles and growing up healthier—healthier because children who know these skills have the potential for building stronger relationships now and in the future. The tools are presented visually to make them easier to understand and remember. Kids will enjoy the familiar, funny stories and easily grasp the important life skills.

Each book concludes with a short note to adults to help parents, teachers, counsellors, and other grown-ups reinforce the books’ messages and practice the skills with their kids.

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Zach Rules Set
5 book set
Zach Apologizes
Zach Gets Frustrated
Zach Hangs In There
Zach Makes Mistakes
Zach Stands Up