Visual Supports for People with Autism 2nd Ed: A Guide For Parents & Professionals

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Marlene J Cohen, Peter F Gerhardt

  • Visual Supports for People with Autism 2nd Ed

225 pages
ISBN: 9781606132159

Visual supports, i.e. any pictorial, graphic, or scheduling aid; are excellent tools for teaching academic, daily living, and self-help skills to people with autism. This reader-friendly and practical book shows teachers, parents, and service providers how to make low-tech visual supports, and offers strategies for using them.

The second edition includes expanded information about using visual supports with the youngest children, advice on fading supports, and updated photo examples of:

  • activity schedules
  • calendars
  • charts
  • checklists & to-do lists
  • colour coding
  • flip books
  • graphic organisers
  • mnemonics
  • name tags
  • photo boards
  • Power Cards
  • scripts
  • Social Stories
  • video modelling

A new chapter covers high-tech options for visual supports (iPads, smartphones, etc.) and how to choose appropriate ones, and particular features that are good for people with autism.

Table of Contents


Introduction. Unlocking the Door: How Visual Supports Can Help

Chapter 1: The Features of a Good Visual Support

Chapter 2: Some Commonly Used Visual Supports: A Primer

Chapter 3: How Visual Supports Can Help with the Development of Language

Chapter 4: Using Visual Supports to Increase Memory: The Who, What, Where, Why and How

Chapter 5: Temporal Sequential Skills

Chapter 6: Using Visual Supports to Increase Attending

Chapter 7: Using Visual Supports to Increase Motivation

Chapter 8: Using Visual Supports to Increase Social Skills

Chapter 9: High-Tech Visual Supports for Adolescents and Adults with ASD

Chapter 10: Strategies for Fading Visual Supports

Chapter 11: An Example of the Use of Visual Supports to Increase Opportunities

References and Recommended Reading

Resource Guide

Appendix: The Technology Advantage


"One of the most beneficial tools in the arsenal of parents and professionals working with individuals on the autism spectrum is a visual support system. The authors have done a remarkable job of taking readers through the process of developing and implementing a wide variety of visual supports. From developing play skills to learning math, telling time, fostering handwriting skills, and much more, this easy-to-read guide is an invaluable resource in developing critical life skills for people with autism."
- Rita Shreffler, Autism mother and Executive Editor, Autism File magazine

"Cohen and Gerhardt's knowledge of the science of behavior change—on which the success of any effort to teach new skills depends—and ability to apply it in the form of easy-to-make and implement visual supports distinguish their book from most other resources. Anyone wanting to assist people with autism to increase their independence and quality of life will find this book a valuable resource."
- William L. Heward, Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University

"Very highly recommended and will prove enduringly valued by anyone charged with teaching or training autistic teens or adults in basic life skills--and more!"
- Reviewer's Bookwatch, February 2016