Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships: Decoding Social Mysteries Through Autism's Unique Perspectives

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Temple Grandin, Sean Barron

  • Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships

426 pages
ISBN: 9781941765388

New Edition with Author updates.

Born with autism, both Temple Grandin and Sean Barron now live famously successful social lives. However, their paths were quite different. Temple's logical mind controlled her social behaviour. She interacted with many adults and other children, experiencing varied social situations. Logic informed her decision to obey social rules and avoid unpleasant consequences. Sean's emotions controlled his social behaviour. Baffled by social rules, isolated and friendless, he made up his own, and applied them to others. When they inevitably broke his rules, he felt worthless and unloved.

Both Temple and Sean ultimately came to terms with the social world and found their places in it. Whether you are a person with autism, a caregiver in the autism community, or just someone interested in an outsider view of society, their powerful stories will enthral and enlighten you.