Auditory Processing

auditory adventures
Auditory Adventures
$169.95 Our Price - $139.95 Game

Laminated open-ended, token, barrier, bingo, and lotto games for auditory association, discrimination, memory, and reception.

auditory memory skills
Auditory Memory Skills
$38.95 Our Price - $34.95 Softcover

Packed with over 40 beautifully illustrated photocopiable activities, this book enables children to improve their auditory recall ability in a focused, innovative and enjoyable way.

can i tell you about auditory processing disorder?
Can I tell you about Auditory Processing Disorder?
$19.99, Paperback

Ideal for helping children with APD to understand the condition, while increasing their self-esteem & confidence.

processing auditory directions
Processing Auditory Directions
$62.95, Spiral Bound

Use the activities in this book to build listening skills and basic concepts as children process auditory directions.

say and do auditory lessons
Say and Do Auditory Lessons
$57.50 Our Price - $48.95 Softcover

Improve students' auditory processing at two skill levels, beginner & advanced, with this 60-page reproducible. Lesson sheets target 20 areas of listening development

sounds fun game
Sounds Fun Game
$59.95 Our Price - $54.95 Game

Children love this listen-and-match game, which improves auditory discrimination skills, sound recognition and the ability to concentrate.