Non-Verbal Communication

emotions & expressions colorcards
Emotions & Expressions Colorcards
$86.99, Cards

These cards provides an opportunity to explore the likely emotions & responses shown in faces and accompanying body language.

emotions & expressions colorcards 2
Emotions & Expressions Colorcards 2
$83.99, Cards

More complex set of cards to help children whose non verbal understanding is insufficient to hold effective conversations

not just talking
Not Just Talking
$88.99, Spiral Bound
new but slightly worn

This innovative programme promotes the good use of non-verbal skills in children. It changes the lives of children in the family and at school

a picture's worth, 2ed
A Picture's Worth, 2ed
$37.50 Our Price - $31.50 Paperback

The authors co-developed the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) during many years of experience working with children with autism and now share their expertise in this easy-to-use guide.

tips - teaching important parenting strategies
TIPS - Teaching Important Parenting Strategies
$39.95, Paperback

Practical solutions to communication, behaviour, sensory & technology challenges community outings, etc.