Social Skills

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a 5 is against the law!
A 5 Is Against the Law!
$43.95 Our Price - $38.95 Softcover

Looks at challenging behaviours that can spell trouble for adolescents and young adults who have difficulty understanding and maintaining social boundaries.

5-point scale bundle
5-Point Scale Bundle
$247.25 Our Price - $214.95

Save when you buy all the 5-Point Scale books plus classroom poster. Practical & bestselling resources refined in 10+ years of practice

the asd zoo of kalamazoo
The ASD Zoo of Kalamazoo
$32.95 Our Price - $29.95 Paperback

Connects the characteristics of various zoo animals to the social skills characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder.

asperkid's (secret) book of social rules
Asperkid's (Secret) Book of Social Rules
$39.99, Paperback

Guide to all of the hidden social rules that often seem strange and confusing to young people with Asperger syndrome.

the autism playbook for teens
The Autism Playbook for Teens
$33.95, Paperback

This is the only book available for teens with autism that specifically integrates mindfulness skills and imaginative scripted role-playing activities for building authentic social experiences.

big picture thinking
Big Picture Thinking
$46.95 Our Price - $42.95 Softcover

Helps students with cognitive deficits see how individual pieces of social information fit into a larger context, so that they may begin to become big picture thinkers.

building social relationships
Building Social Relationships
$76.95 Our Price - $74.95 Softcover

Addresses the need for social programming for children and adolescents with ASD by providing a comprehensive five-step model.

cartoon and script curriculum for teaching social behavior and communication
Cartoon and Script Curriculum for Teaching Social Behavior and Communication
$54.95 Our Price - $49.95 Softcover

Help children with ASD find friends, become better communicators, increase their flexibility & lead lives that are less stressful

conversation strategies manual
Conversation Strategies Manual
$71.99, Spiral Bound

This book offers a structure to help with the skills needed for initiating, maintaining and ending conversations.

the hidden curriculum
The Hidden Curriculum
$57.50, DVD

In front of a live audience, author Brenda Smith Myles discusses the major topics of the book The Hidden Curriculum. This DVD will leave you laughing, but equipped with practical suggestions for how to teach and learn hidden curriculum items.

the hidden curriculum and other everyday challenges for elementary-age children with high-functioning autism
The Hidden Curriculum and Other Everyday Challenges for Elementary-Age Children With High-Functioning Autism
$23.95, Paperback

This reader-friendly book provides social rules that help children with peer relationships, school and everyday activities.

the hidden curriculum, 2ed
The Hidden Curriculum, 2ed
$37.20, Paperback

The revised and expanded edition of this popular book focusses on issues common to adolescents and young adults.

how rude in a jar
How Rude in a Jar
$17.95, Jar

These social skills activities help kids & teens learn how to treat others with courtesy, empathy, kindness, and respect

how rude!
How Rude!
$46.95 Our Price - $44.95 Paperback

Explaining etiquette from common courtesies to cell phone smarts to classroom decorum, Alex J. Packer blends outrageous humour with sound advice

hygiene and related behaviors for children and adolescents with autism spectrum and related disorders
Hygiene and Related Behaviors for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders
$53.50 Our Price - $48.95 Softcover

Teaches important hygiene skills & associated social understanding using a fun approach

hygiene... you stink!
Hygiene... You Stink!
$19.99, Paperback

An amusing storybook for kids - to understand the need for personal hygiene without lecturing or scolding.

lou knows what to do birthday party
Lou Knows What to Do Birthday Party
$19.99, Softcover

A story of how to behave at a birthday party. Excellent book for students with autism spectrum disorder or differing developmental levels & learning styles.

make social learning stick!
Make Social Learning Stick!
$42.95 Our Price - $39.95 Softcover

200 fun & easy activities to increase verbal & nonverbal language, listening skills, understanding hidden rules, perspective taking, etc.

our brains are like computers!
Our Brains Are Like Computers!
$39.99, Hardback

This picture book uses computer metaphors to explain to children on the autism spectrum how words & actions affect others.

question challenge card game
Question Challenge Card Game
$120.00 Our Price - $99.95 Game

An expressive and receptive language card game that targets social skills and reasoning.

reaching out, joining in
Reaching Out, Joining In
$34.95, Paperback

Introduces social skills programs to parents of young children diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's Disorder or PDD.

say and do early social scenes for school
Say and Do Early Social Scenes for School
$32.50 Our Price - $30.95 Softcover

60, amusing, but true-to-life, reproducible school social scenes help K-2 children or older kids struggling with basic social skills, learn how to respond appropriately in different social situations.

say and do positive pragmatic fun sheets
Say and Do Positive Pragmatic Fun Sheets
$74.00 Our Price - $62.50 Softcover

Help your students have super social skills with this 170-page reproducible. Includes a variety of engaging activities, including fill-ins, role-playing, puzzles, stories and more.

say and do positive pragmatic game boards
Say and Do Positive Pragmatic Game Boards
$74.95 Our Price - $62.95 Game

Encourage your students to improve their social communication skills with these fun, colorful game boards. Choose from 10 game boards targeting pragmatic skills.

say and do social scenes for daily living skills and feelings
Say and Do Social Scenes for Daily Living Skills and Feelings
$32.50 Our Price - $30.95 Softcover

60 reproducible scenes increase expressive language skills & problem-solving abilities through discussions to determine how students would respond in each situation.

say and do social scenes for home, school and community
Say and Do Social Scenes for Home, School and Community
$33.95 Our Price - $30.95 Softcover

60 reproducible pragmatic scenes focus on how children should and should not behave in places such as: school, the shops, the movies and many more. For children K-4.

the secret rules of social networking
The Secret Rules of Social Networking
$34.95 Our Price - $29.95 Paperback

Internet safety, romantic relationships, online vs in-person interactions & more, with a focus on teens & young adults

social behavior and self-management
Social Behavior and Self-Management
$34.95 Our Price - $32.95 Paperback

Uses scales to explain social & emotional concepts to autism spectrum individuals who relate better to systems.

social rules for kids
Social Rules for Kids
$37.95 Our Price - $34.95 Paperback

The top 100 social rules social rules for home, school and community outlining specific ways to interact with others on a daily basis

the social skills picture book
The Social Skills Picture Book
$69.30, Softcover

Photographs of students in real-life social situations illustrate the “right way” and “wrong way” to approach each situation

the social skills picture book for high school and beyond
The Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond
$66.00, Softcover

Photos of actual students in a wide variety of social situations which show, not tell, the right (& wrong) ways to interact

social skills training
Social Skills Training
$75.00 Our Price - $69.95 Softcover

Covers everything from assessment and strategies for social skills training to behaviour management and peer acceptance through sensitivity training. Includes over seventy lesson plans and activities.

storying beyond social difficulties with neuro-diverse adolescents
Storying Beyond Social Difficulties with Neuro-Diverse Adolescents
$52.99, Paperback

Evidence-based intervention program for adolescents experiencing social difficulties. Includes non-verbal & verbal approaches to social development

successful problem-solving for high-functioning students with autism spectrum disorders
Successful Problem-Solving for High-Functioning Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
$38.95 Our Price - $34.95 Softcover

Teaches how to integrate the book's problem-solving chart into classrooms, homes, and social skills groups to helps individuals with ASD to learn to problem solve effectively.

talk with me
Talk With Me
$46.95, Softcover

A unique, evidence-based strategy that gives an approach to assessing & teaching conversation skills in a group setting

talk with teddies
Talk With Teddies

Help children to communicate their feelings and emotions as well as understand social rules and acceptable behaviour

words are not for hurting
Words are Not for Hurting
$22.50 Our Price - $19.95 Paperback

Children learn that their words belong to them: they can think before they speak, then choose what to say and how to say it.

words are not for hurting board book
Words are Not for Hurting Board Book
$23.95 Our Price - $14.95 Board book

Helps little ones learn big ideas: that they are responsible for what they do and say; that their actions and words affect others; and that they can make positive choices.

writing & developing social stories, 2ed
Writing & Developing Social Stories, 2ed
$83.99, Spiral Bound

This practical resource provides an introduction to the theory and practice of writing social stories.

zach apologizes
Zach Apologizes
$23.95 Our Price - $21.95 Hardback

Zach kicks sand, yells angry words, and asks his dad if they can just go home now. Instead, his dad teaches him a simple, three-step approach to get a handle on frustration and find a way to enjoy himself even when things aren’t going his way.

zach gets frustrated
Zach Gets Frustrated
$23.95 Our Price - $21.95 Hardback

Zach's dad teaches him a simple, three-step approach to get a handle on frustration and find a way to enjoy himself even when things aren’t going his way: instead of kicking and screaming!

zach makes mistakes
Zach Makes Mistakes
$23.95 Our Price - $21.95 Hardback

For Zach, a class trip to the museum is about more than cool exhibits it's about learning from mistakes and dealing with embarrassment.

zach rules set
Zach Rules Set
$119.75 Our Price - $99.75 Hardback

Straightforward tools for coping with frustrations, social issues & other everyday problems - humorous & realistic story lines + adult help